Main Advantages

Time saving search options, easy access and breath taking visualizations are offered.

  • Time saving & comprehensive search options
  • Easy metadata handling & fast image loading
  • Direct preview at any stage of the system
  • Responsive design for different devices
  • Wow-effect for users
  • Open source system components to ensure a reliable and long-term system availability
  • Highly scalable

Wow Effect

Because searching shall be fun.

  • Innovative search & view options
  • Bookmarking & Clipping
  • Direct and fast previews for individual preferences
  • Stepless zoom
  • High speed performance due to leading-edge software code
Wow effect

Responsive Design & Multimedia

NAINUWA® is ready for any device - wether it is a desktop, tablet or mobile. Moreover it enables to upload various media types & formats within one platform.

  • Books, newspapers, magazines
  • Documents, images, photos, maps, etc.
  • PDF, JPG, TIF, etc.
  • Audio & Video (optional)
  • Social media module (optional)

Search Options

NAINUWA® searches in text and metadata at the same time.
In addition a refining through facets and filters allows more specific search options.

  • Full text search
  • Advanced search
  • Search in volume & page metadata
  • Search through facets and filters
  • Highlighting of fulltext & metadata hits
Nainuwa search options

Bookmarks & Bookshelf

Remember important pages and volumes for fast access later on.

  • Personal bookshelf
  • Bookmarking of found pages
  • Search options in bookmarked items
  • PDF creation of selected pages (incl. fulltext layer)
  • Creation of custum volumes from selected pages
Nainuwa My Bookmarked Pages

Clipping & PDF

Clipping of articles or relevant image parts together with the available fulltext.

  • Basic clipping
  • Advanced clipping for commenting (optional)
  • Copy text feature
  • PDF creation & download (incl. fulltext and metadata record)
  • Integrated OCR module
Nainuwa Clipping simple

Viewer Options

The preview window can be displayed at any stage of the system so that your search results will always available. Moreover the results & pages within the preview can be displayed in different ways.

  • Single page view
  • Classic book reader view
  • Multipage / pivot view (2025)
  • Full & compact search results view
  • Comprehensive sorting options (relevance, title, date, etc.)
Nainuwa viewers

Stepless Zoom

The stepless zoom is available in every view option and offers a breathtaking feeling while browsing the found search results.

  • Stepless
  • Extremely fast loading
  • Highly accurate
  • Available also within the full screen view


Video & Audio

Find video and audio files through enriched clip metadata.

  • Plays audio/video files without any additional browers plugins
  • Tagging function
  • Automated clip-generation
  • Direct position jump to the found tags
  • Audio files, videos, books and documents on one single platform

Monitoring & Statistics

Understand what your users are interested in and doing.

  • Interface to the powerful MATOMO web analytics platform
  • 100% data ownership
  • User-privacy protection
  • Reliable & secure
  • Open source

Webshop & Payment System

Web shop adapted to your needs.

  • Customizeable
  • Integration level according to your definition
  • Direct or indirect payment
  • Payment wall
  • Based on a time or a credit amount