News / Events

Wonderful news from our customer in Newcastle. Congratulations to that great achievement.

In autumn 2022 the ScanRobot® was installed to speed up the scanning process.

The ScanRobot® had always a very good image quality. Nevertheless, the image quality was improved again.


After 5 days with a lot of meetings we would like to say thank you for your visit and “Let’s work together” on your projects.  

Let's work together from 21 – 25 August at booth F2 next to the Poster Area 2 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

Our Hungarian partner Tripont participated in the "8th ICARUS Croatia Days" in March and also presented the automatic book scanner ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS.

The ScanRobot® produces thousands of pages per day. To simplify further image processing, fully automated real time workflows are available. They deliver the desired results quickly and efficiently without any manual operation.

The historical collection of the famous Austrian composer Alban BERG of the Second Viennese School will be scanned with the automatic book scanner ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS.

The automatic book scanner ScanRobot® drives digitisation for the development of the digital library.

For faster OCR we increased the speed of our OCR solution up to 300 %. The high quality of the text recognition is not affected by this and remains the same.