Installation at the Central Scientific Library in Almaty, Kazakhstan

In autumn 2022 the ScanRobot® was installed to speed up the scanning process.

Project overview
The Central Scientific Library in Almaty has a huge collection of rare books.

In 2020 the team was already scanning for quite some time with different types of scanners and the amount of scanned books did grow constantly. But given the huge amount of books, there was no end in sight. In that year the decision was made to increase the output.

Scanner solution

The team looked for alternatives to scan more pages during a day. Increasing the personnel was unfortunately not an option. Therefore a solution was needed that increases the output with the existing personnel and without damaging the books.

The ScanRobot® with its good image quality, high range of books that can be scanned and high throughput seemed to be a good solution and the procurement process was started.

Installation and training

Finally, in autumn 2022 the ScanRobot® was delivered and installed. During the training the team was very motivated to learn all options the ScanRobot® offers and to start working the scanner. After 2 days of training and increasing confidence working with a complete new scanning system and scanning method, the team leader decided to scan also rare and valuable books with the ScanRobot®.


The included software ScanGate® offers many image processing options. Especially the uncomplicated way of working and the simple processing steps made it a lot of fun for the team to work with the software.


From the decision until the purchase and installation of the ScanRobot® some time passed. But the great original scanning output, fast scanning and image processing options with the included software ScanGate® help the team to scan and process more pages per day.

Therefore, the originally set goal to increase the output with the same amount of people is met with the purchase of the ScanRobot® solution.



For more insight and detail, please read the full customer report: Customer report Central Scientific Library