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TREVENTUS offers various OCR packages based on many years of project experience.


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Benefits & Advantages

  • Highly automated
  • Reliable & stable processing
  • More than 130 languages (incl. Gothic / Fraktur)
  • Interface to the Tesseract engine
  • Fully Integrated within ScanGate®, ScanFlow® and Nainuwa®
  • Customer prooved quality

Technical overview

Functions / Features OCR Enterprise solution™ OCR Enterprise solution™ PRO Nainuwa® OCR
Needed base license
ScanGate® RT
ScanGate® LWF
ScanFlow® Professional
NAINUWA® Digital Archive
OCR page contingent
Customization options / Flexibility
Creation of multiple (customized) PDF derivatives only resolution adaptable
File naming customizable
Pre-configured OCR workflows
Customizeable OCR workflows
Automated background OCR processing - 24/7
Batch processing of multiple OCR-jobs
Parallelization of the OCR processing on multiple PCs
Output formats
PDF (PDF/a, multi- and single pages)
TXT (multi- and single page)
XML (hOCR, single pages only)
OCR languages
Over 130 available languages
Gothic font (Fraktur) / Korean / Chinese / Arabic / Vietnamese

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The TREVENTUS OCR packages are based on many years of project experience.
Moreover they are directly integrated into our software packages for easy and smooth handling.

Benefit from our experience!

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