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TREVENTUS gave a lecture about mass digitization at the digitization conference in Budapest and gave a lecture about its long lasting experience with large digitization projects.
Also the ScanRobot® was presented in Hungary for the first time.



1st presentation of the ScanRobot® in Hungary

On the 21st of April the conference „Digitization – problems and solutions“ was held in the National Széchényi Library in Budapest (Hungary). TREVENTUS spoke about its ScanRobot® and the challenges in mass digitization. The expert audience was very fond of the transmission of expert knowledge and digitization experience during the TREVENTUS lecture. The content of the speech of Mr. Novak fit very well to the other speakers as the topics of the conference were the current state in (mass) digitization and the experiences made in Hungary.

Successful premiere of the ScanRobot® in Hungary

In front of the conference room TREVENTUS had the possibility to present its automatic book scanner ScanRobot® SR301. The expert audience was enthusiastic about the high scanning speed as well as the simple and gentle scanning technology of the ScanRobot®. In addition the excellent image quality showed the advantages of the ScanRobot® for mass digitization. The easy handling and comprehensive functions of the ScanGate™ software also showed the expert audience how user friendly the whole system is. TREVENTUS enjoyed the first presentation of the ScanRobot® in Hungary and wants to thank the organizers of the conference  for their invitation.

Date: 21st of May 2010
Venue: National Széchényi Library Budapest, HUNGARY