76th IFLA 2010 in Gothenburg / Sweden

Logo 76th IFLA 2010

This year's IFLA conference was in Gothenburg (Sweden).


76th IFLA 2010 in Gothenburg

At stand C523 Treventus presented the ScanRobot® and also its innovative and comprehensive workflow software ScanFlow™.
Date: 10. - 15. August 2010
Venue: The Swedish Exhibition Centre Svenska Mässa, Mässans Gata 20 Gothenburg, SWEDEN.

Treventus Mechatronics GmbH attended the IFLA conference and exhibition with great success.

Presentation in the newspaper section

Stephan Tratter contributed in the newspaper section with a presentation of the digitising activities of TREVENTUS. Topics of the presentation were the digitising activities of TREVENTUS with its ScanRobot® and other scanners as well as the workflow software ScanFlow™ and the new image viewer NAINUWA™. Stephan Tratter is very pleased with the overwhelming feedback to the content of the presentation and especially to the image viewer NAINUWA that will change the way of image displaying in the web fundamentally and opens new possibilities of image and content searching.

ScanRobot® SR301

The reactions to the ScanRobot® SR301 from the attendants who have not seen it until now were great and satisfying again. Especially many attendants from Sweden came to have a look on the ScanRobot® as TREVENTUS won the tender and will therefore install the first ScanRobot® in Sweden within the next few months. This shows that the ScanRobot® model SR301 is still a very good and well developed product.

Many contacts

During the whole conference and exhibition Stephan Tratter and Wolfgang Novak had many presentations and intensive talks with potential customers. Also the feedback to the first information about the new scanning system ScanRobot® MDS 2.0 show very good future prospects. For all these reasons the IFLA was a very good and positive conference and exhibition.