Bavarian State Library Open Day

Logo Bavarian State Library Open Day

Saturday, 06. October 2012, 10am-6pm.


Bavarian State Library - Open Day

Treventus will participate at the "SOS für Pergament, Papier & Bytes". Content of this special promotion day is to inform about the work of archives.

Key questions are:

  • What destroys old paper and the other objects in libraries?
  • Why does digital information get lost?
  • What can be done to restore that?
  • What does the digitizing centre do?
  • How do old scripts get scanned?

Treventus will do live demos of the automatic book scanner ScanRobot 2.0 MDS® and its ScanGate software for image processing as well as its new image publishing system Nainuwa .

This event takes place for the 8th time already. For more information please have a look on the program:

SOS für Pergament, Papier & Bytes