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VISIT US (19.-21. Sept.) Ankara, Turkey
Treventus will show the automatic book scanner ScanRobot® for the first time in Turkey.

International Symposium on Information Management in Turkey

With this conference we start our promotion and business together with our local partner DEHA DİJİTAL OFİS in Turkey.

Our partner will explain how of the automatic page turner works and what the advantages of the 60° opening angle are. In addition our colleague will present the image capturing software ScanGateTM with the included workflow module ScanFlowTM LOCAL.

We are pleased to announce that we will also introduce our document management system NAINUWATM at that conference. It is a web based image publishing system for fast and effective content search.

Please find more information about the product range of TREVENTUS under Products.

THE CONFERENCE The main theme of the Symposium this year is “E-Science and Information Management”. The conference aims to bring together both researchers and information professionals to discuss the implications of e-science for information management.

Link to the conference: E-Science and Information Management