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Anatolian University Libraries Consortium, April 25-27.



Anatolian University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS) has been established in 2000.
Starting from 2013 librarians and stakeholders working in the area of information services/librarianship from Southern and Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, Middle East and former Soviet republics are invited to participate in “ANKOSLink” Conference.

DEHA DIJITAL as partner of TREVENTUS’ will demonstrate at this conference three stages of the digitizing process:

1) Scanning

The most important product is the world-famous ScanRobot 2.0®, an automatic book scanner and the scanning software ScanGate™ for scanning projects from Treventus Mechatronics GmbH.

2) Image Processing

With ScanGate™ a software for easy and fast image processing is shown. The new meta data steered workflow control makes image treatment and job organization easy.

Automatic workflow adaption within the processing makes ScanGate™ to the software for every kind of needs. 

3) Image publishing – OPEN YOUR MIND with Nainuwa™

Reach your customers and clients with the Digital Library System Nainuwa™! Nainuwa™ stands for fast image loading and displaying. It is the answer to questions like:

•         How to publish all the scans online?

•         How to guarantee download prevention? 

•         How to organize different user groups?

DEHA DIJITAL will be glad to show and explain you the features and possibilities of Nainuwa™. For more information and a test login please have a look on:

The ANKOSLink 2013 Conference is dated from April 25-27 2013 Maritim Convention Center in Antalya / Turkey

Please find the ANKOSLINK 2013 Draft Program here: Conference program

For Further information please check the conference website:

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