EOD conference (Austria)

Photo EOD conference

The EOD conference took place from 10. - 11. April 2014 in Innsbruck.


Subject of the EOD conference 2014

The EOD meeting and conference in Innsbruck was under the topic of "Sustaining the networked future: use and reuse of digital content". 

We were pleased to see how the EOD project developed the last years and would like to congratulate the EOD board for the great work they did.

Crowdsourcing for meta data enrichment

The many crowdsourcing projects that started in the last years are a great approach to enrich the digital content. Crowdsourcing will simplify the search and finding of desired material.

Meta data enrichment in digitizing projects

Due to its digitizing projects Treventus has experience in meta data enrichment. Depending on the customer requirements that was done during scanning with the ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS or at other steps in the digitizing workflow. For the meta data enrichment an additional processing panel in the software ScanGateTM was developed. The whole projects were managed by the software ScanFlowTM.  

For information and advice regarding scanning, image processing and meta data enrichment please have a look on our products:  

  • The ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS for high speed scanning of bound documents and high image quality

  • ScanGate™ for most efficient and convenient image treatment.

  • ScanFlow™ for comfortable workflow organization.

  • Nainuwa™ the Digital Library System for best online image presentation.

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