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June, 2014 Ankara ScanRobot® presentation at Turkish partner days.

Digitization conference 2014

Under the title 'scanning' DEHA Dijital has succeeded to collect famous and the best manufacturers under its roof. "The GIANTS under DEHA" was the motto of the event performed on June, 10th 2014 at HILTON - ANKARA.
At this event the products of TREVENTUS and many other world-famous brands where presented in the "kavaklıdere" Hall of the Ankara HILTON HOTEL.

All these powerful brands which have proved their competitiveness are now united under the roof of DEHA Dijital and TREVENTUS is proud to be one of these partners of DEHA Dijital.

Representatives of all brands have shown their product range in accordance with the pre- and afternoon program with presentations to visitors. About 200 experts took part at the event of DEHA Dijital:

IT administrators and heads of various ministries, authorities, companies, banks and universities, as well as heads of different libraries and directors from different municipalities visited the event and updated themselves about the latest developments of the represented companies.

The realized projects with the ScanRobot® and ScanGateTM software got very good feedback.

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