ICARUS meeting in Spain

Photo 1 ICARUS meeting 2017
Photo 2 ICARUS meeting 2017

In October we attended the ICARUS meeting where we had the opportunity to show our ScanRobot® and Nainuwa™.

ICARUS Meeting 2017

It was our first time to attend one of the ICARUS meetings, which took place in Madrid, SPAIN this time.
Most of the presentations were focused on archiving issues and digitization of old material. As usual our automatic book scanner ScanRobot® was one of the eye catchers and impressed many of the attendants.  

During our speech we presented and explained the advantages of the ScanRobot® and our digital library system Nainuwa™. The possibility to scan also very old material in a gentle way with the ScanRobot® in combination with a high image quality attracted the audience.  

In the Nainuwa™ live presentation we showed functions like transcription and clipping as well as the different search and display options. In combination with the extremely fast response of the system in terms of loading of search results and huge images the digital library system Nainuwa™ shows new ways to access and use digital content.