Successful IFLA WILC 2018

Photo Successful IFLA WILC 2018

Thank you for your visit at IFLA in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) from 24 –30 August.


IFLA Conference 2018

Treventus participated in the IFLA 2018 conference and exhibition in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) this August. The conference took place in the impressive Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

This year Treventus was supported by it’s Indonesian partner “PT. Technica Asia Digital

This year we focussed on the essentials. Which in digitizing is the scanning part. All related parts like workflow management, image treatment, cropping, copying, quality control,… we discussed during the conversation and live presentations. We demonstrated our software solutions to visitors personally case by case.

Automatic book scanner ScanRobot®

The ScanRobot® attracted again a lot of attention. This gave us the opportunity to discuss the differences between scanning and digitizing as well as the advantages of the ScanRobot® itself. With its 60° opening angle and gentle page turning the ScanRobot® is predestined for scanning old material. At the same time, its speed makes it a perfect device for scanning new material.

NainuwaTM and ScanGateTM

ScanGateTM allows to process scans from different scanners and sources quickly and easily. The possibility of automatically moving the images to the digital platform NainuwaTM and making them all searchable rounds off the simplification and interaction of Treventus products.

We enjoyed having detailed discussions about different projects. The wide range of projects and the different approaches to solve challenges make our work so interesting and fascinating.

Thank you for your visit and for your interest in our products and services!

See you at IFLA WILC 2019 in Athens!

Max & Stephan