Umeå Digital Library is online


Our Nainuwa™ installation in Umeå University Library (Sweden) is online.


What to expect from a digital platform?

The Umeå University Library is doing digitization since 1990. It is scanning older books, photographs, as well as archive, manuscript…. Until now the material was published on different platforms. By this it was difficult to get an overview and searching was more complicated. For that reason the decision was made to publish every digitized content on one single platform.

The expectations of the new platform were manifold. They can be divided into user side and administrator side: For the platform user it should offer quick and easy access to the inventory, a comprehensive zoom functionality, fast response of the system and PDF download including the OCR layer. From the administration side it was an important requirement that objects can be moved to the platform in a very simple way and that the organization and management of collections, publishing and changing metadata should be easy to handle.

Nainuwa™ offers these and many more functionalities for the users. For the administrators it allows also to sort and rearrange the content. This can be compared with an exhibition where the objects are arranged according to different characteristics.

Increasing content

At the beginning there are about 8,000 objects online. This amount will increase in the coming months. It is planned to upload around 1,200 more objects by the end of the year. After that more objects will be uploaded as digitization progresses.

For more information please see the news entry of Umeå University Library:

New platform for Umeå University Library's digitized collections (News entry from 2018-08-29)

Nainuwa™ digital collection online