Nainuwa® UI now in 20 languages

Nainuwa new languages

New customers – more languages: Nainuwa® user interface now also in Amharic and French!

Due to new customers we implemented also new languages for our Nainuwa® graphical user interface (GUI).

New languages:

  • Amharic
  • French

The Nainuwa® User Interface supports now the following 20 languages:

Amharic - ኣማርኛ

Chinese -

English - English

Persian - فارسی

French – Français

Georgian - ქართული

German – Deutsch

Hebrew - עברית

Hungarian – Magyar

Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia

Italian – Italiano

Japanese - 日本語

Korean -한국어

Lithuanian – Lietuvių Korean

Polish – polski

Romanian – Română

Spanish – Español

Swedish – Svenska

Turkish – Türkçe

Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt Nam


We are happy to announce that our digital archive system is available in 20 language now and we are looking forward to implement new languages next year.

Nainuwa® allows fast and easy search in your data. For your content Nainuwa® includes a text recognition (OCR) functionality for more than 140 languages. Nainuwa® also offers you a comprehensive and easy to use “User rights & Content access management” system.

For further information, please contact our sales department via our inquiry form.