User report from Australia is online


We received an extensive feedback from one of our installations is Australia.  We are happy to share this experience and feedback to the ScanRobot®, ScanFlow® & ScanGate®  that have been in use for several years.


Books2eBooks has been using the ScanRobot®, ScanFlow® & ScanGate® for several years to scan and process images from different projects.

Due to this experience we are happy that they share our opinion that "The job preparation with the ScanRobot® is pretty fast" and that "In general all kinds of books can be scanned as long as the binding of the book is more or less ok."

As result of doing different scanning projects also different outputs are needed: 
"Of course we have also more demanding requests within our scanning projects. Image improvements like background removal or centering the text into the page are more comprehensive..." 

Therefore we are happy that our software helps to create the desired output quality:
"...the workflow we received with the ScanFlow® solution allows us to create such improvements very fast."


Please find the user report under the following link: User report Books2eBooks