Scanning the heritage of Alban BERG

The historical collection of the famous Austrian composer Alban BERG of the Second Viennese School will be scanned with the automatic book scanner ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS.

Digitisation of the historical holdings in the Alban BERG flat with the help of the ScanRobot®.

The Alban Berg Foundation is Austria's first private research institution that will digitise its historical volumes and documents with the ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS developed in Vienna.

Alban BERG (9 February 1885 – 24 December 1935) was a composer of the twelve-tone technique, which he adopted to his own principles. This variation brought him many admirers.

Within the project about 3,500 objects (books, sheet music, periodicals) will be scanned. Because the ScanRobot® offers a particularly gentle handling of the books, it is the perfect scanner to digitize the valuable books. The entire scanning will be done in close cooperation with the restorer of the Alban Berg Foundation.

The President of the Foundation, Dr. Maxilmilian Eiselsberg explains the goal: "The objective is to preserve the historical holdings of the Alban Berg Foundation in the long term, on the one hand immaterially and of course also materially. For this purpose, part of the collection must also be comprehensively restored. "

The Secretary General, Dr. Daniel Ender, who is directing the work explains: "We want to reconstruct the network of Berg's artistic thinking with this project. After all, the core task of the foundation is to preserve the memory and the works. Preserving our holdings is significantly part of that." In the end, a gigantic database will be available for research, which will serve as an interface for the Berg Foundation's homepage.

We are happy that Treventus is a part of saving cultural heritage.

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