Powerful software upgrades for the ScanRobot®

The ScanRobot® produces thousands of pages per day. To simplify further image processing, fully automated real time workflows are available. They deliver the desired results quickly and efficiently without any manual operation.


The Real-Time-Batch workflows (RTB) are an extension of the ScanRobot® software. The implementation of these workflows is simple and do not need any further explanation or training. The workflows are executed during the scan-free time (e.g. overnight). This way, your ScanRobot® system is efficiently utilized.

So far customers already use the following five RTB Workflows:

  1. Automated PDF conversion
  2. Move scan jobs
  3. Create Presentation output
  4. Create Reprint output
  5. Automated image upload to Nainuwa®.


Taylor made workflows

The RTB workflow solution allows to create fast & fully automated workflows to specific customer needs. If the above workflows do not fit or you have very specific requirements, the TREVENTUS team is happy to discuss a possible RTB workflow implementation with you.

Workflows where manual Quality Checks (QC , QA) are needed or desired can also be implemented with the workflow solutions ScanGate® LWF or ScanFlow®. Contact Treventus for a workflow evaluation.


OCR solution

The often-used OCR solution of TREVENTUS is also realized as fully automated RTB workflow. Its speed was increased by 300% at the beginning of 2022. This makes sure that a lot of jobs are already processed during breaks and over night processing is not necessary anymore.


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